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Vibrava has a vast set of features that it provides and makes controlling any of your Bluetooth-enabled vibrator devices not only easy but also very enjoyably fun. Let us introduce some of the core features that make Vibrava the best vibrator app that is available on the market.

Pre-made Patterns

Vibrava has six pre-made vibration patterns that you can get started with right away.

Pattern creation tools

Build your own vibration patterns with very advanced and intuitive tools just for that.

Run it in the Background

The app can keep running your vibrator in the background so that you can use other apps at the same time.


Connect to a continuously growing variety of Bluetooth-enabled vibrator devices and start using them with Vibrava.

Remote Control

Give or take control of a vibrator remotely from almost anywhere on the planet. Just perfect for long-distance relationships.

Future Updates

There are a lot of features on the way, like sharing patterns and push to vibrate. But we are always listening to the wishes of our community and will never stop improving Vibrava.

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The vibrator app to control them all with a very simplistic and intuitive user experience

Vibrava, as an app, has come quite a long way and evolved many times on this journey of becoming what it is now. The ever-growing, massive community helped to shape the app, together with our small dedicated team, which works hard to make Vibrava even better.

With the ambitious plan of being the app to control them all, it is a challenge to keep usability and design as simplistic and intuitive as possible.

But we love challenges! And as if providing control of hundreds of Bluetooth vibrator devices was not enough, we also had to make it possible to control them remotely. And of course, creating custom vibration patterns for different devices with a different set of hardware features had to be possible too. One can only imagine what thrilling features are yet to come.

Vibrava is one of the leading mobile apps in the sex - tech industry, and we are excited to welcome you into our community!

Bluetooth Connection

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100+ Devices

Connect and control hundreds of vibrator devices via Bluetooth, including devices from brands, like the following below.

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Join the community of over 100+ thousand users and download Vibrava now!

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Remote control

Connect with your partner from almost anywhere on the planet

With Vibrava, you can give control of your vibrator device remotely to someone else. It doesn't matter how far apart you are from each other. With an active internet connection, you can boost your long-distance relationship and enjoy your intimate moments with your lover, like you were just right next to each other.

Give control or take control through an effortless connection process. Only a session generated code needs to be shared by the person who is giving away control to the other person. This even allows for a 100% anonymous connection flow.

You can get unlimited usage of the remote vibrator control feature by purchasing the Vibrava Premium-membership now, which you need to purchase only once.

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Pattern Creation

Unseen powerful tools for custom pattern creation

Vibrava does come with six pre-designed vibration patterns that do get you started right away after installing the app. They're specially designed to work with almost any device that you connect to with Vibrava.

But if the pre-designed patterns are not enough, you can also create your own. Vibrava includes powerful tools, which make creating even composite custom patterns very easy. For devices with multiple vibrators, make sure to connect one before you start composing a vibration pattern. That way, you may even control each of the vibrators individually.

Be creative, and start creating vibration patterns today! In the future, you might even be able to share your vibration patterns with others.