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The prostate massager Edge 2 by Lovense - Product image

Edge 2 by Lovense - Prostate Massager

Hands-free fun with powerful prostate stimulation.


129,99 €

The vibrating prostate massager Vector by We-Vibe - Product image

Vector by We-Vibe - Vibrating Prostate Massager

The curves of the plugin perfectly adapt to the right spots and offer an incredible experience.


139,00 €

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Prostata Vibrator Sex Toys

Prostata vibrators, also known as prostate massagers or prostate stimulators, are sex toys specifically designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is a small, walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder in men. The prostate is often referred to as the "male G-spot," as it can be a source of pleasure when stimulated.

Prostata vibrators are typically designed with a curved or angled tip to allow for easy insertion into the anus, and they may have a handle or base for easy manipulation. Some prostata vibrators also have vibration or other stimulating features to enhance the pleasure of prostate stimulation.

Prostata vibrators can be used by men for solo play or with a partner, and they can be an enjoyable addition to couples' sexual play. Some people may find that prostate stimulation can lead to more intense orgasms, and it can also be a way to explore different types of pleasure and sensation.

It is important to note that prostata vibrators, like any other sex toy, should be used safely and hygienically. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant to facilitate insertion and to clean the toy thoroughly before and after use. It is also important to start slowly and listen to your body's sensations and boundaries to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Prostata vibrators can be a fun and enjoyable way to explore different types of sexual pleasure, but it is important to approach them with care and consideration for your own safety and comfort.