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Lush 3 by Lovense - Powerful Egg Vibrator

Designed with vibrations that will massage your G-spot in the most mind-melting of ways, the Lush 3 is part of the new generation of app-enabled sex toys, a prestigious product worth adding to your kinky closet.

Domi 2 by Lovense - Powerful Wand Vibrator Massager

Domi 2 is a magnificent sex product created to give a cunning massage. The app-enabled toy is a lifesaver for couples and individuals exploring their sexuality. Do not let the size of the aesthetically riveting powerhouse intimidate you. The wand delivers a knee-wobbling orgasm.

Hush 2 by Lovense - Bluetooth Anal Plug

An anal plug with different sizes. There is something for everyone here

Edge 2 by Lovense - Prostate Massager

Hands-free fun with powerful prostate stimulation.

Nora by Lovense - Sixth Generation Rabbit Vibrator

This rabbit vibrator is designed to hit the right spot.

Calor by Lovense - Heated Masturbator for Men

Choose what you like with a wide variety of functions: vibration, pressure, heat or depth control

Ambi by Lovense - Versatile Bullet Vibrator

Precise stimulation from all sides.

Max 2 by Lovense - Multifunctional Men's Masturbator

Adjustable air vent allows you to control the suction! Accommodates most sizes and stimulates while you stroke.

Vector by We-Vibe - Vibrating Prostate Massager

The curves of the plugin perfectly adapt to the right spots and offer an incredible experience.

Pivot by We-Vibe - Penis Ring Clit Vibrator

Hands-free clitoral stimulation with powerful rumbly vibrations that you both can enjoy.

Verge by We-Vibe - Vibrating Penis Ring

Verge is a new and exciting way to experience pleasure with a partner or on your own. It stimulates the perineum, an erogenous zone that responds to pressure and vibration.

Ditto by We-Vibe - Gentle and Rumbly Anal Vibrator

Now you can enjoy the pleasures of anal play with the added feature of rumbly vibrations.

Mister Devil by Monster Pub - Devilishly Good Egg Vibrator

Mister Devil by Monster Pub is made of non-toxic silicone, skin-friendly feel, and is safe to use.

Doctor Whale by Monster Pub - Beautiful Design Egg Vibrator

Doctor Whale is excellent for your health and great for kegel exercises.

Nova by We-Vibe - G Spot Clitoris Rabbit Vibrator

Nova is a G-spot clitoris rabbit vibrator with a dual motor.

Sync by We-Vibe - Sensational Egg Vibrator

We-Vibe Sync is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. For twice the fun, Sync by We-Vibe is the right choice.


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The app-enabled Bluetooth sex toy online shop by Vibrava.

App-Enabled Bluetooth Sex Toy Online Shop

The Vibrava sex toy online shop primarily focuses on app-enabled Bluetooth sex toys. We also refer to them as the new generation of sex toys.

This new generation of vibrators, masturbators, and sex machines often come in much more discreet and beautifully designed shapes. Many of them can also be controlled by an app, which in most cases, adds a whole new dimension to long-distance sex and relationships. Enjoy your intimate moments together over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Let them control your pleasure or control theirs.

In addition, previously, you had to stick with the built-in vibration patterns of your vibrator. But with app-enabled sex toys, you have endless possibilities in creating just the right vibes for your maximal satisfaction. You don't need engineering skills to program your custom vibration/motion patterns.

Vibrators of all categories

We have a vast selection of vibrator sex toys ranging from bullet vibrators to clitoral vibrators, to G-Spot vibrators, to rabbit vibrators, to anal vibrators, to penis ring vibrators for him, and even to powerful wand massager vibrators. Various types of vibrators for stimulation of the intimate areas that you love the most. Pleasure comes in so many variations and can be very personal. Our selection of vibrators is some of the most loved vibrators on the market from brands that have proven to bring that extra pleasure to millions of bedrooms. We are sure there is something for everybody!

Male Masturbator Sex Toys

Male masturbators are some of the most familiar penis toys that emulate penetrative intercourse. With the outside commonly resembling a vagina, the smooth and soft sleeves give way to a textured channel inside that will indulge your penis. They might also resemble a mouth, an anus, or even both, sometimes molded directly from your favorite pornstar’s body. One of the most well-known brands among these male masturbators is the Fleshlight, which has made quite a name for itself. While the classic version can not be app-controlled over Bluetooth, there are many masturbator sex toys on the market now that do.