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Hello there, wonderful Vibrava community!

We're brimming with excitement to share the news that has been buzzing in the works. As part of our mission to empower you to take control of your pleasure, we are thrilled to announce that the premium features of the Vibrava app are now available to everyone – entirely free of charge!

Starting today, everyone, yes, EVERYONE, can use the remote control feature for free to control their favorite Bluetooth sex toy. A world of pleasure is now just a tap away, quite literally. We believe in spreading joy and breaking down barriers, and this move is aimed at just that - making your experience seamless and pleasurable.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – ads. We’ve all been there, getting into the groove and suddenly being interrupted by an annoying ad. We understand the frustration, and that’s why we're banishing ads from our app! Say goodbye to those pesky interruptions. Your experience with Vibrava will now be smoother than ever.

To our cherished users who have already purchased the Premium membership, we see you and appreciate you. You've been with us through thick and thin, and your unwavering support has been instrumental in this monumental shift. As a token of our gratitude, we are working on something special just for you. We can't spill the beans yet, but trust us when we say, it's going to be worth the wait!

This massive change wouldn't have been possible without the Vibrava community. Every download, every piece of feedback, every shared moment of pleasure - they all added up to this revolutionary step. And now, we need your help once more.

We invite you to spread the word about the all-new, all-free Vibrava app! Share it with your friends, your partners, your social media followers. Let’s bring more people into our world of pleasure without borders.

Remember, every share, every mention, every positive review helps us continue this journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. In the meantime, grab your favorite Bluetooth sex toy, download the Vibrava app, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of pleasure. Enjoy the freedom, explore the features, and let's revolutionize pleasure together!

Yours in Pleasure, The Vibrava Team

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