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"Maintain optimal hygiene and cleanliness of your intimate sex toys by properly washing and sanitizing them according to the materials used."


Whether you are a beginner in the world of sex toys or a seasoned enthusiast, the importance of proper sex toy cleaning cannot be overstated.

Just Imagine: your private toys have been exposed to a wide range of situations! Whether or not these situations include close contact with your own body, in fact, Private parts, it is important to maintain the greatest standards of cleanliness by constantly sanitizing sex toys.

Allow me to go into more detail about the compelling reasons for this routine and take you through the necessary measures to clean them keeping in mind all hygiene measures.

As a responsible advocate for sexual well-being, we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary knowledge for a safe and happy experience.

Infections that can spread by sex toys

It is critical to understand that using a sex toy without properly cleaning it might result in the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). This is not an exaggeration, but rather an actual problem.

Even if you use the toy on your own, failing to maintain its sanitation exposes you to hazardous microorganisms that can cause a variety of infections.

When engaged in intimate activities with a spouse or partner, the importance of precise sex toy cleaning becomes even more important.

The consequences of bacterial contamination can be severe. Urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis are not desirable, and letting germs flourish on your sex toy can contribute to the development of these infections.

Furthermore, if sex toys are used in anal play, it is essential to maintain careful hygiene and take all required measures. Before enjoying pleasure, it is critical to completely cleanse your and your partner's bodies.

Cleaning a Sex Toy According to Material Used

Sex toys are made from a range of materials, each with its unique set of qualities. Certain toys are made of porous materials, which might allow bacteria to hide. therefore, using a condom with toys made of porous materials is a sensible idea.

To ensure good sex toy hygiene, let's look at the different materials that are often used and examine the best cleaning methods for each. It is vital to keep in mind that all of your toys, from vibrators to handcuffs, must be thoroughly cleaned after each usage. This implies you'll need to create a cleaning plan for toys made of multiple materials, such as silicone and leather.

Latex and Jelly Rubber:

It is important to note that materials such as latex and jelly rubber are porous in nature. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use condoms with toys made from these materials to minimize the risk of bacterial transmission.

Follow these steps to clean sex toys made of porous materials: Gently clean the toys with a soapy washcloth and lukewarm water. Make sure they have been completely rinsed. It is recommended to keep them separate in a lint-free cloth or a non-plastic container for storage. This aids in maintaining their cleanliness and preventing cross-contamination.

ABS Plastic:

ABS plastic is a polymer that combines various components to form an emulsion. This manufacturing process yields a resilient, non-porous plastic that is both versatile and flexible, making it ideal for the production of sex toys.

Cleaning an ABS sex toy is a straightforward process. Simply use warm water and mild, hypoallergenic soap to ensure thorough cleaning. Alternatively, you can opt for a high-quality sex toy cleaner designed specifically for this purpose. After cleaning, it is recommended to store ABS toys in a lint-free fabric cloth or bag to maintain their cleanliness.

Pyrex, Silicone, Stainless Steel, and Glass are non-porous and boost a smooth surface, which makes them easy to clean.

When it comes to cleaning these materials, you can follow a similar approach. Wash them with warm water and mild, hypoallergenic soap, or use a specialized sex toy cleaner. Their non-porous nature ensures that bacteria have no place to hide, making the cleaning process more straightforward. After cleaning, store these toys in a suitable location, ensuring they are protected from any potential damage or contamination.

When it comes to cleaning motorized sex toys, different guidelines apply. While non-motorized toys made from any of the aforementioned materials can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, motorized toys require special care. For these items, it is recommended to clean them by hand using soap and warm water or a dedicated sex toy cleaner.

In the case of glass and Pyrex items, it is advisable to store them in a lint-free cloth or bag, or in a padded container to prevent any potential damage. As for silicone and stainless steel toys, they can be safely placed in any clean container for storage.

PVC and Vinyl:

PVC and vinyl are porous materials. However, they have the advantage of being more resilient and easier to maintain when it comes to sex toy cleaning.

To clean a sex toy made of PVC or vinyl, you can confidently use warm water and a soapy washcloth. Thoroughly clean the toy with this mixture, ensuring all areas are covered. After cleaning, allow the toy to dry completely and then store it in a clean, lint-free fabric to preserve its cleanliness and prevent any potential contamination.


Leather straps and other items crafted from leather are inherently porous, requiring a more delicate approach to sex toy cleaning. It's important to note that leather is susceptible to degradation, so it's crucial to allow it to dry completely after cleaning and before storing, ensuring it remains in excellent condition.

To clean a leather sex toy, carefully spot-clean it using a soapy washcloth that is damp, but not overly wet. Take care not to saturate the leather. After cleaning, store the leather item in a non-plastic container, preferably in a cool and dry location. Additionally, consider treating your leather items with a leather conditioner to keep them flexible and maintain their lustrous appearance.


Cleaning a sex toy made of nylon, such as straps or restraints, is quite simple. You can conveniently toss it in the washing machine for a thorough cleanse. Once the nylon items are dry, store them in a drawer or a clean container, ensuring they are protected and readily available for future use.

Sex toys are meant to bring joy and excitement, and taking the extra step of proper sex toy cleaning can spare you from any potential discomfort or issues. Fortunately, the cleaning process is not overly complicated and can be easily incorporated into your routine. By following these cleaning guidelines, you can ensure the cleanliness, longevity, and hygienic condition of your PVC, vinyl, and nylon sex toys, allowing you to enjoy your intimate experiences with peace of mindfully.


When you are using sex toys for solo pleasure, you are in direct contact with external material to the sensitive parts of your body, as this usage is not a one-off activity and these toys will be used again in sensitive areas so it is important to clean sex toys in a proper way and does not expose yourself to germs which can be hidden in the porous material of sex toys.

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Important Note: The information in this post is carefully compiled, but is for educational purposes only and does not replace professional advice. Every person is unique, and what is helpful for one may not be suitable for another. We recommend observing safety measures when using sex toys and following the manufacturers' instructions. For specific questions, you should consult professionals. Use this information responsibly and inform yourself thoroughly to make the best decisions for your individual situation.


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